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Youngest Girl To Have A Baby In America

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Youngest Girl To Have A Baby. The youngest girl to give birth to a child was Lina Medina. She was a resident of Ticrapo district of Peru. She was 5 years and 8 months old when she gave birth to her son through a caesarean section.

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Youngest Girl To Give Birth

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Ok It’s amazing that people are so impassioned by the possible rape of a child 80 yrs ago. Old porno magazin supersex. Lina now lives in poverty and after all these yrs I think the loss of her son (who she grew up with) must be far more traumatic than anything else.

However, she and Lina’s father took the girl to the hospital anticipating a possible abdominal tumor. But after the diagnosis, the hospital informed the family that Lina was 8 months pregnant. The baby boy was born at Lima’s Maternity clinic at full term. The boy was named Gerado after Lina’s doctor. At birth, the baby was 2,700 grams in weight, in proper health and shape. Until the age of 10 Gerado believed that Lina was his elder sister.

Youngest Age To Have A Child

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Youngest Girl To Ever Have A Baby In America

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