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The PZ members will try to overtake our Safe House and haul us out of there! A handful of Ex Project Zorgo members approached our fort and they took pictures of us with their disposable camera spy devices. Screwing black teens nextdoor. We have to confiscate them and break them open with ninja gadgets to see what secrets they are hiding. After we did that we acquired the film negatives hidden inside and handed them over to Vy. She developed them in a dark room. The pictures were of our secret headquarters with a bunch of hackers searching and swarming the perimeter.

See more of Weird, wild, and crazy on Facebook. Wild and Crazy Ride Clip Season 1 Ep 12 9/3/2012 Mona asks the entire cast questions from fans which include the many faces of Stevie J and Momma Dee pole dancing. Newest Crazy Videos These are the latest videos from all of the large video sharing sites. Choose the ones you like to help promote them to the most popular list.

548 0 It took nine days for the Voronezh policeman to detain the 45-year-old Mercedes-Benz GLE driver, who in a fit of anger shot down an Emergencies Ministry cadet standing on the sidelines, reports TFR. The accident happened on April 1 at the entrance to the Voronezh branch of the Ivanovo Fire and Rescue Academy of the Emergencies Ministry, located on Red Banner Street.

The tragic incident occurred the other day not far from the village of Upper Trinity in the Kashinsky District, where in the 1980s the only dam on the Bear was built, specifies. 'I thought it would be worse, to be honest,' the author of the recording admits after the kayaker quickly overcomes the hydraulic structure and starts to sail to the side. He clearly hurried with the conclusions, because after a couple of seconds the kayak turned over, and Uncle Sasha, as colleagues call kayaker, began to be attributed to the dam. He tried his best to stay on the surface, but in the end the whirlpool pulled the athlete down. His body was later pulled out of the water. 'The apparent lack of experience and understanding of what can happen when passing through such a man-made obstacle.

“The next morning, the tech guys’ jaws dropped. They inspected everything and gave me a bye run to make sure everything was all right. It went 6.03 for qualifying, 5.99 in eliminations, and we made it to the semifinals.” 1# – Pop goes the manifold You can’t have a list of drag racing’s greatest YouTube hits without having Jeff Rodgers’ Shakedown at E-Town Pro Mod nitrous explosion at the top. Work-safety warning – if you’re at the office, you might want to put on the headphones if your co-workers are adverse to a few totally appropriate swear words. – Another camera angle of the same incident. Extra credit for timing how long it takes for the hood scoop to land and doing the math to figure out how high it went.

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Allegedly shot a man several times in an apartment complex parking lot in Okolona. When officers arrived, they demanded, multiple times over a period of almost 10 minutes, Davis to drop his weapon. Not only did he not obey those commands, but he also charged at two of the officers who had their guns pointed at him. Several minutes into one of the videos, Davis is seen charging toward those officers, at which point he was shot just feet away from several of them. Davis was shot several times and taken to a hospital, where he was pronounced dead a short time later. “Both of these officers are on administrative reassignment as the Public Integrity Unit investigates this matter,” LMPD Chief Steve Conrad said.

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Retrosexy nude women and men. #6 – Your body will heal; the camera will not The videographer at the 2009 Tomato Nats at Immokalee Dragstrip in Florida deserves hazardous duty pay – you can tell the exact moment when he bails to get out of the debris field by the way the camera slowly pans downward. Bonus points for coming right back to grab it off the tripod and keep shooting once the car goes by, though! #5 – Like valet parking in New York Sometimes, the crash comes to you – when Tony Johnson and Steve Kirk tangled in Huntsville in 2006, the cameraman didn’t have to move an inch to shoot the aftermath. #4 – Some tracks are just snakebit Fram Autolite Dragway in Meremere, New Zealand is apparently somewhat notorious. First, we learn that there’s nowhere to go when you’re a cameraman shooting from a scaffold on the top end and something goes wrong, then we see what happens when the Black and White Stigs’ love child gets into his own oil. Finally, new school meets old school, literally, when a Supra comes unglued at the top end.