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She should have known. Todd’s last name was Baumgarten. Consequently, years ago he ended up with the nickname T-Bomb. She was actually surprised he would pick that name as his handle. Discovering him now would not be very difficult. She probably would have done so anyways.

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His shoulder rubs were now moving downward and he began to caress her breasts underneath her shirt. “Can I watch?” he asked.

Apparently he had accidentally come across it. Now, his mother Pam had told Steve to follow up with Todd and find out his screen name. She wanted to know because she obviously had something big in store. His excitement and curiosity had the best of him. The two of them showered together that morning and again made love several more times. This time they did so in his mother’s own bed. Hot fuking sexy italian girls.

-- Doing what they were doing, they lost track of time throughout the morning. The two of them dressed and had lunch together. It was then that Pam pursued the issue they had discussed the night before. “You need to call Todd,” Pam reminded her son. “Today?” he looked at her inquisitively. “Of course, why wait?” She handed him his cell phone. Pam watched her son dial the phone and listened to the one side of the conversation.

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While lying beside her, the curiosity got the better of him. He had to ask. “How often do you do it?” he quietly questioned her.

Of course, the camera was on top. Steve stood aside, still acting somewhat shy. He was reserved and nervous. Pam held up her hand, “it’s okay, sweetie.

“The web cam?” she wanted to make sure what was what he was referring to. Steve quickly confirmed by nodding his head yes. “Are you on there a lot?” he followed with another question. “I have a schedule that I set up.

And she rewarded her son by starting to lick his neck and moving her hand under the waistband of his shorts to grab his cock directly. “Do me a favor, if you end up logging on again, just don’t tell me about it.