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Funny High School Locker Room Stories

Not 8th grade, but 6th. I developed VERY late; as an 11/12-year-old, I was so flat chested there were probably boys with larger boobs than I had. Still, I wanted to wear a bra, to feel more grown up. My middle school had a weird schedule. We had 8 class periods, but they would rotate: one day we'd attend all our even-numbered periods and the next day we'd attend all our odd-numbered periods. On the days I didn't have gym, I wouldnt wear a bra, because I didn't need to (i.e. I wasn't being forced to undress in front of all my peers).

Never been so scared in my life. [deleted] This happened to a mate. The English teacher at his high school had to supervise the PE class and was not happy about it.

He nonchalantly walks up to the counter, and grabs the hair dryer. I am thinking he is going to dry his slicked back gray hair he does not. He lifts one leg up and plants his foot onto the counter, turns on the blow dryer and starts toasting his nuts dry.


Any embarrassing public locker room stories? In high school the boys locker room the teachers room had a window into it which was covered only with a drape. They could slide the glass open and hand towels through it. Any funny/embarrassing stories in school or public locker rooms? Most embarrassing locker room moment? Read down below! ) Social Media & Links Twitter Instagram FacebookHigh School LOCKER ROOM download mp4, 720p and download mp3. Animations jaiden jaiden animation jaiden animations jaidenanimations theodd1sout theoddonesout domics high school high school story high school track team domics track physical. My Funny Japanese Transfer. Well the other day I was going down the hall when I hear screaming from the direction of the girls locker room. Girls start running out half dressed. When I walk outside I look and see this redneck guy up on the ledge starting into their locker room. Not really funny, just a story.

One of them who was an adult was charged and it was in the local news. Plenty of jokes were made with comments on the online news stories and one kid photoshopping their faces onto a movie poster for a curling movie called 'Men with Brooms'. Back in junior year of HS (aka my worst HS year ever) I heard from my brother that in one of the classes we both took the teacher accidentally put the answers, my means of lightly shading it in on all of the copies, on one of the tests we took.

However there are two types in the locker room I hate: 1) Children. Children who just stand and look at your dick and sometimes they even comment loudly your dick or what you are doing! 2) Smartphones. People who spend to much time with their smartphones just gets me nervous. I don’t want to end up naked on some gay porn site. Martin January 17, 2015 at 1:53 pm I’m curious about what you’ve endured during your summer camp as a child As a European I can tell it’s totally normal here to walk around naked and talk under the shower or in the sauna (I’m 22), it’s like we’re “between men” and we’ve all accomplished our daily sport routine like some kind of a football team after a winning match. I was also in the Swiss armed forces and shower together was never a problem for anyone.

My band teacher in middle school was a great music instructor. I learned how to play the trumpet from him and he was vital in my early development as a musician. That being said, the man was far from what you might expect from a teacher. He would tell his class of fourteen year olds about how he watched a man burn alive once in a car accident. How he went over to his friends house one day and helped him pick his dads brain matter off the wall when he committed suicide. He would throw things at us, make fun of us for fucking up, lose his temper, all of it. The thing is that he still could get the band playing well in the end and we loved him.

I saw her first, stomping through the door, steam coming out her ears. I quickly snuck back from the drying area to hide behind the wall separating it from the showers before she could see me.

As I had hoped, she screamed 'Stop that!' And snatched the towel from my hands. I froze like a deer in the headlights with my arms out in front of me, exposing my entire skinny, white, almost hairless body to her. Unlike Scott, a ninth grader, who had such a full, black lions mane surrounding his dick and balls that only his smooth, cut, helmet poked out of his bush, everything dangling between my legs was on full display. The puberty fairy had only recently snuck into my pajama bottoms to plant a sparse, pencil thin pubic mustache that didn't hide anything.

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